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GuardVision is a dedicated team of passionate individuals who approach the security of your property with the utmost care and diligence. They offer a virtual guard service known for providing comprehensive monitoring that is cost-effective when compared to the expenses of on-site guards. With a focus on protecting various types of properties such as construction sites, auto dealerships, and industrial sites, GuardVision prides themselves on their expertise in the field..

Our Mission

At GuardVision, our unwavering commitment is to build the world’s finest monitoring station. We continuously strive to leverage cutting-edge software and analytics to minimize human error and enhance accuracy. Our dedicated team of employees deeply cares about the well-being of your property, ensuring that it receives the highest level of protection and attention.


Our Goal

Improving Service Offerings:

We are dedicated to constantly enhancing and expanding our range of security camera monitoring services to meet the evolving needs of our valued clients. Through the integration of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and video analytics, we aim to deliver more effective surveillance and threat detection capabilities.

Customer Satisfaction:

Our utmost priority is to excel in customer service by providing personalized and responsive support to our clients. We strive to ensure prompt response times, proactive monitoring, and open communication to address their security concerns and surpass their expectations.

Operational Efficiency:

Continuously refining our operational processes is our goal, utilizing automation and streamlined workflows to guarantee efficient deployment and management of security camera monitoring systems. We invest in staff training, employ advanced monitoring tools, and maintain a robust infrastructure to deliver reliable and scalable solutions.


Solutions For Your Security

Easy To Setup

If your system is functioning properly, the setup process can typically be completed in as little as fifteen minutes. Many of the tasks can be accomplished through a straightforward remote connection.

Faster Emergency Dispatch

Our notification system is specifically designed to promptly alert you in the event of an intruder. Upon detection, we will promptly send you a notification along with an image of the incident. We will then collaborate with you to swiftly determine whether authorities should be dispatched or not, ensuring a rapid and effective response.

On Staff Supprt

Our team of Geovision platinum certified technicians is proficient in remotely accessing and optimizing your system to meet the appropriate standards. In the event of any issues that cannot be resolved remotely, our technicians will promptly notify you or your service provider for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This is WHAT happened and WHAT IS happening. Your standalone camera system is a great solution for determining the events that transpired. For example, if a trailer was stolen from your property, you can review the camera system to determine the time of the incident and potentially gather a description of the intruder. However, our live monitoring service takes security to the next level. With live monitoring, we actively watch your property in real-time. This means that when an intruder is detected, we immediately see them on our screens. We can then activate a siren, notify both you and the police, ensuring a swift response to the situation. Live monitoring provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind for you and your property.

While live guards can only observe one location at a time, it is important to acknowledge that they may not always be fully attentive or engaged, often preoccupied with their phones or even sleeping. Instead, why not ensure that every part of your property is constantly under surveillance? With GVM, you can have eyes on all areas covered by cameras, providing comprehensive monitoring at a fraction of the cost of a live guard.

GVM highly recommends the addition of a siren/strobe/voice module to your systems. This module enables GVM operators to activate a siren or transmit a voice warning with a simple button press. It serves as a powerful tool to deter intruders and prevent any potential damage before it occurs. GVM possesses numerous videos demonstrating the effectiveness of sirens and voice warnings in deterring individuals.

If your system is functioning properly, the installation process could be completed in as little as fifteen minutes. Most installations can be done remotely through a simple remote connection.

No need to worry! GVM has a team of Geovision platinum certified technicians who can remotely access and optimize your system to meet the required standards. If there are any issues that cannot be resolved remotely, GVM will inform you or your service provider and work towards finding a solution.remotely.

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