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AI Solution

Geovision AI solutions leverage the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies to provide advanced video analytics and intelligent features for their surveillance systems. Geovision’s AI solutions are designed to work seamlessly with their cameras and video management software, providing users with a comprehensive and intelligent surveillance ecosystem.

GV-AI FR/Face Recognition

Faster Check-in, Better Greeting, More Security

GV-DL LPR/License Plate Recognition

Automate Surveillance Easily with Deep Learning

GV-AI Server/Human Detection

Scaling AI Successfully

GV-AI Guard/Vehicle Detection

Guard Force of the Future


GeoVision IP Cameras

Eyeball Cameras

Eyeball Cameras - the watchful eye of security. With their unobtrusive design and advanced capabilities like high-definition video, infrared night vision, and smart analytics, they provide unparalleled surveillance, ensuring safety and vigilance at every turn.

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Dome Cameras

Dome Camera, a discreet and powerful guardian, redefines security. With advanced features like high-resolution imaging, night vision, and intelligent analytics, it ensures peace of mind in every environment. Safety elevated to new heights.

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Bullet Cameras

Bullet Cameras, the vigilant sentinels of protection. Their sleek and weatherproof design, coupled with high-definition imaging and night vision capabilities, empower reliable outdoor surveillance. Unyielding in their mission to secure your world.

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Fisheye Cameras

Fisheye Cameras, the panoramic visionaries, revolutionize surveillance. With their all-encompassing 360-degree view, high-resolution imagery, and smart analytics, they transcend boundaries, providing comprehensive security coverage. A new dimension in monitoring awaits.

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Panoramic Cameras

Panoramic Cameras, the visionaries of surveillance. With their seamless 180-degree or 360-degree view, high-resolution imaging, and advanced analytics, they capture every angle, leaving no corner unguarded. The future of comprehensive security is here.

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Thermal Cameras

Thermal Camera is an AI-enabled thermal camera that combines dual thermal and optical images for perimeter protection and fire prevention. The thermal camera can detect fires and measure predefined temperatures, triggering lighting and alarms.

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Box Cameras

Box Cameras - dual-stream, day/night indoor IP camera containing a varifocal lens. The camera is equipped with a progressive scan CMOS image sensor. With customizable lenses and high-resolution imaging, they adapt to any scenario, delivering crisp and detailed footage.

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PTZ Cameras

PTZ Cameras, the dynamic watchmen of security. With their Pan-Tilt-Zoom capabilities, they scan vast areas, focus on specific points, and provide real-time surveillance. Empowering proactive monitoring and ensuring a vigilant shield over your domain.

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IP Speed Dome Cameras

IP Speed Dome Cameras - the epitome of swift surveillance. With precise PTZ control, high-resolution imaging, and network connectivity, they deliver real-time monitoring with efficiency and accuracy. Empowering security with speed and precision.

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TOF Cameras

TOF Cameras-With Time-of-Flight technology, they detect and measure distance, enabling accurate people counting and 3D surveillance. You can look up neatly compiled people counting data through its chart analysis with the support of GV-Web Report Lite, a built-in Web interface.

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VR 360 Cameras

VR 360 Cameras - the immersive guardians of surveillance. The camera provides a live view of the surveillance area with an all-inclusive 720° angle range of view and extended depth of field, enabling a total coverage of wide open areas.

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Unicam Cameras

Unicam Cameras -Combining PTZ, thermal, and video analytics in a single unit, The camera has an IR LED ring that provides infrared illumination in low-light conditions. It is made up of a main body for video processing and a camera lens for image capture.

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